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PRC home owners, purchasers and/or investors,  will be asked to provide PRC Certification if they wish to sell their property, purchase a property, release Equity or raise finance through Banks or Building Societies.

Tens of thousands of PRC properties still remain and structural repairs are needed because of the effect of concrete carbonation and other issues.

The issues faced by both owner/occupiers and investors are twofold, the first being an unrepaired property where little or no work has been undertaken since its construction and secondly repaired houses where no PRC Certificate is available

The PRC Industry Professionals

Our industry expertise allows us to share our knowledge and guide you through the PRC process, from identifying construction types, to the initial purchase of a PRC Home, to providing certification by top class Structural Engineers that will satisfy Lenders for mortgage purposes.

Financial Advisers & Mortgage Brokers

All our Independent Advisers are register with the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Independent & unbiased Mortgage Brokers are highly experienced in the world of PRC…

Local Authorities

If you are a Local Authority tenant and would like to purchase your PRC home there is certain criteria you need to adhere to first…

Housing Associations

If you are a Housing Association Tenant the criteria is similar to the Local Authority and you should be able to find the information on their website but if you need help give us a call…

Building Control

In most instances a building notice needs to be applied for when starting repairs to a PRC property…

Commercial Finance

Our Independent & unbiased Commercial Finance Advisers…

PRC Structural Engineers

Our Independent PRC Structural Engineers are FULLY qualified…

PRC Solicitors

If you don’t have a Solicitor that you have used and trusted previously…

Architectural Services

Although architectural services are not needed with the repair of PRC properties…


  • Reputable Partners

    We work with reputable partners and subcontractors. Our goal is to build homes that you will love to live in.

  • Highest Certification

    We offer the highest certification, finance, insurance and project management.

  • Decades of Experience

    Between us we have decades of experience in the PRC construction and design process.

Selection of PRC Homes

The best way to get to know PRC Certificates Ltd is to explore the work we do for our clients.

Latest PRC Property Repair prc home certified

Latest PRC Property Repair

PRC Repairs The last property we upgraded was in Swindon for a couple who wanted to make sure their PRC home was in the
financial advise / Mortgages for PRC home
We guide you through the PRC process with expert unbiased advice.