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Our Advisers have good historic working relationships with many Lenders, so we fully understand their lending criteria and policies, and can confidently quote terms we know can be delivered and completed.


With a broad spectrum of knowledge our Advisers will be able to give independent, whole of market advice on a range of available finance, mortgages, insurances, Estate Planning and Will writing to protect you, your family and your investment if required.

financial advise / Mortgages for PRC home

Our Experts

Financial Advisors & Mortgage Brokers

All our Independent Advisers are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority

Our Independent & unbiased Mortgage Brokers are highly experienced in the world of PRC. Whether purchasing a single property to live in or as a Buy to Let it is important to know where to go and how to get there.

Our Independent & unbiased Financial Advisers are also experienced in finding insurance companies that will cover buildings insurance for PRC properties both repaired and unrepaired which can be difficult.

Experienced PRC Financial Advisers and/or PRC Mortgage Brokers are invaluable in guiding the purchaser through the pitfalls of financing PRC properties for mortgage purposes. The ‘Go it Alone’ Entrepreneur of the High Street should beware that not all Banks or Building Societies lend on PRC houses. If you approach one of these and are turned down it can leave a trace on your credit record which other Lenders can see. This can be detrimental to their final decision.

Commercial Finance

Our Independent & unbiased Commercial Finance Advisers can offer good whole of market rates to Investors, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Landlords

We can advise on both Semi Commercial and Full Commercial Loans.

Property Loans can additionally be used for business expansion or improvements to a property and can often be raised by using a combination of the financial success of the business combined with the bricks and mortar value of the property.

As a whole of market broker, our Advisers have access to virtually any deal available on the market. Based on the needs and requirements of our client’s we will source and recommend only the most appropriate product.

PRC Solicitors

If you don’t have a Solicitor that you have used and trusted previously we are happy to recommend Legal representatives  who are experienced in the PRC world of dealing with the Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Buy to Let and Developers for the sale or purchase of PRC properties.

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financial advise / Mortgages for PRC home
We guide you through the PRC process with expert unbiased advice.