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PRC Home retro certificates

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Building Control

In most instances a building notice needs to be applied for when starting repairs to a PRC property, a Building Inspector will carry out site inspections at various stages during the process. This should be done in conjunction with PRC inspections as both Inspectors and Engineers will be checking at different stages and have separate criteria.

Architectural Services

Although architectural services are not needed with the repair of PRC properties we offer this service for clients who would like a new property built on a previous PRC site or large extensions etc to PRC homes.

PRC Structural Engineers

Our Independent PRC Structural Engineers are FULLY qualified to oversee PRC repairs and issue PRC certification

If you are considering repairing your PRC home a PRC Structural Engineer will oversee the project at each important stage and issue certification once the works have been carried out to his satisfaction.

If a PRC repair has already been done but no Certificate has been issued then an intrusive inspection of the property may be needed (minimum disruption caused) to establish what method was used and to what standard. This process involves exposing certain parts of the property by yourselves or a builder for inspection by a PRC Inspector.

If a PRC property has not been repaired in accordance with a recognised repair scheme we will advise you of your options.  On some occasions a small amount of additional works can be carried out by yourselves or one of our experienced teams to bring the property up to full PRC Homes repair standards and then certification can be issued.

If you are offered a PRC Certificate and a full inspection has not been carried out by a qualified PRC Structural Engineer then be very careful. It has been known for unqualified people to have carried out only a visual inspection, if so they will not have identified any areas that are not up to the required standards. This will cause problems in the future and could put you at odds with the legal requirements of your Lender.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of your PRC Certificate or wish to confirm that the correct procedures have been followed, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Building Repairs

We will project manage any building repairs you require and ensure they meet the highest standards.

PRC Certificate

Following any repairs your property will be fully inspected by our expert Structural Engineers. A fully compliant PRC Certificate will then be issued.

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