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Tenants wishing to purchase their PRC home

Local Authorities

If you are a Local Authority tenant and would like to purchase your PRC home there is certain criteria you need to adhere to first. You should be able to find this information along with the discounts available on your local Councils website, if not we’ll be happy to assist.

Housing Association

If you are a Housing Association Tenant the criteria is similar to the Local Authority and you should be able to find the information on their website but if you need help give us a call.

The Solution

With our expertise in project managing, and the assistance of our Expert Partners, you can be confident we will achieve the highest standard  as well as the correct PRC certification required to finance your property.

The Repairs Process

An Inspector will assess your property. Any required repairs will be carried out by a Contractor of your choice, and certification will be issued once the overseeing Engineer is satisfied the repair has been carried out in accordance with a recognised scheme. Rest assured we will work with you throughout the process to achieve your goal.

Approved repair schemes will enhance the energy performance, provide a normal life expectancy, and improve the saleability of your property.

Financial Advise

Our team of financial advisors, mortgage brokers and solicitors will be at hand to help you through the purchase of your property. All our experts are experienced in dealing with PRC Homes and the requirements of lenders.

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We guide you through the PRC process with expert unbiased advice.