Upgrading a PRC Certificate


A beautifully finished and repaired PRC Home was unable to be sold because the certificate had not been issued by a fully qualified PRC Structural Engineer.

A property in a beautiful area went up for sale and had received many offers. Following several failed attempts to sell his home our client became aware there was an issue with the property’s PRC Certificate.


Keen to sell his property we were approached by the seller to review his PRC Certificate. He had several offers on his property, however following the surveyors reports his PRC Certificate had been rejected each time. This caused an issue to the prospective purchasers as the Lenders were not willing to mortgage the property. Following a review of the certificate issued it became clear that it had not been signed by a qualified PRC Structural Engineer.


PRC Certificates Ltd were appointed to deal with the situation and look at upgrading a PRC Certificate. A Qualified PRC Structural Engineer was appointed to inspect the property and issue a new upgraded PRC certificate that meets with the required standards.  

The Results

The property has since been sold and the new owner is happy in the knowledge that she has a FULLY certificated and mortgageable home, just by upgrading a PRC Certificate.